10 Things You Should Know About Solar Power

Solar power is the next big thing when it comes to alternative power sources. It is the best option that we have if we really want to turn our backs from the traditional methods of producing energy. This is something that we have to do eventually because if we do not, then we will definitely have to say good-bye to planet earth. On a lighter note, we need not worry for now because we could still do something about it. There are numerous ways that we can implement the usage of this alternative power source in our everyday lives. However, for a person to understand, a person must also learn. That is why we are here to give you the ten things that you should know about solar power.

1. This technology is not new. The idea of harnessing power from the sun has been here since the '60s. However, the concept has not changed much. There are few upgrades that were implemented along the way but basically, it is the same and it is not going to change anytime soon.

2. Through using this power source, you will not have to worry about huge electric bills anymore. It does not matter if you use it as your sole power source or just a substation or an alternate source, it would help you lower your electric bills. This would make your lives a lot better.

3. Using solar power is not as simple as plugging into an outlet. You need to consider many things. You need to know, most importantly, the amount of power that you need to run your house like how you use to. You need to calculate your energy consumption and from that, you can then determine how you would transpose to this alternate energy source if it were even possible for you to do so.

4. It is common for villages and subdivisions to have metered electricity, which measures your consumption by time of use. You might want to check if you have these options because it would be more beneficial to a household that uses solar power.

5. If you live somewhere near the northern hemisphere of the globe, you must make your panels face south. That will maximize the way it gathers solar power. Make sure that your panels are not under a shady spot.

6. If you want to power your house with this alternative energy source, you would need about a hundred square feet of space in your rooftops.

7. Grid-tied solar systems are common in the US.

8. For grid-tied systems, back up battery packs are essential. This will be useful for you when there is power outage.

9. Solar panels are long lasting. They last for almost 30 years and each year, the quality degrades by 0.5 percent, which is a good figure.

10. Do not worry if you live on a cloudy or foggy place, you can still use it.

You got one to ten of solar power facts, now know the A-Z of solar power.

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