Fathers & Education

A recent request for information on fathers' involvement in their children's education turned up a host of resources, so it seems a shame not to share them with blog readers. If this is a topic that interests you, then read on...

The Teacher Training Resource Bank is a site aimed at students on PGCE courses, although much of the material on there will be useful to other students too. The site has an e-librarian who puts together lists of resources in answer to questions from the site's users, and an enquiry on fathers and education has resulted in a lengthy number of suggestions which you can view by clicking this link.

Tim Kahn of the Pre-School Learning Alliance has put together some reports in this area - among such items are Fathers’ Involvement in Early Years Settings: Findings from Research, Where’s Dad? Exploring the Views of Children, Fathers and Mothers on Involving Fathers in Early Years Settings, and Involving Fathers in Early Years Settings: Evaluating Four Models for Effective Practice Development.

The old DfES and DCSF produced a number of reports and briefings that are related to this topic:

Last year the National Literacy Trust put together a research paper entitled Why Fathers Matter to their Children's Literacy.

The Family & Parenting Institute has put together a short piece on parental engagement, together with links to yet further reading.

Further information on various issues surrounding the role of the father can be obtained from the Fatherhood Institute.